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A fog machine also known as smoke generator or fog generator is a machine which is used at many events for a dramatic effect. This device creates a fake smoke or fog by vaporizing water and some other fluids. There is a heat ex-changer in the machine which when reaches up to a certain temperature converts water into vapors and emit these vapors outside the machine via a nozzle. These vapors inside the fog machines upon mixing with the cooler air outside create a thick white fog and create a beautiful effect.

These machines also have industrial and military uses but mainly these are used on concerts, Halloween parties, weddings, theme parties, tv shows, live stage shows or in any such event which requires a theatrical effect.

The usage of low lying fog machines is being really prevalent among people these days. Especially kids are really fascinated when they see such kind of effect. It seems like a fairy-tale or cloud effect to them. 


There are some misconceptions regarding fog machines:

   1. Some people believe adding a dye or color will produce a colored fog while such is not the case.

   2. Some people think that they can use any fluid to generate fog while there are only fog fillers which can serve the purpose. These fillers are available online and in the market.


There are some precautions as well to be kept in mind while using fog machines such as:

   1. Even though most of fog effects considered nontoxic and not dangerous. Too much fog or smoke can cause irritation and can prove to harmful for asthmatic patients.

   2. Fog should be used in a right amount. Not too less, not too much.

   3.Your smoke detectors get turned on sometimes while using these fog machines.


Contact us if you are having a party which needs a low lying fog machine. We will provide you good quality fog machines so that you and your guests enjoy the party to the fullest.

Our fog machines are well maintained and don’t produce any foul smell fog.

Give us a call to get your fog machine at the cheapest price.

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